Pop of Passion

--- Jax Barker ---

People are at their most interesting when talking about what they love in life. Join comedian and storyteller, Jax Barker, as she delves into the passions of her fascinating (and fascinated) guests and the delightful, bizare and sometimes obscure passions that inspire them.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. S2Ep2 Dina Nina on The Divine Feminine

    Today on PoP I’m chatting with transgender stand up comedian, speaker and actor Dina Nina who is talking about her passion: THE DIVINE FEMININE!   My Passion Plug goes out to producer Christine Ferrera. She has a Patreon where you can support her work as a ...


  2. S2Ep1 Brian J Moylan on GIFT WRAPPING

    Today on the season 2 premier episode of PoP I’m chatting with president and founder of the Real Housewives Institute, writer, podcaster and New York Times best selling author Brian J Moylan who is talking about his passion: GIFT WRAPPING!Jax’s passion plug goes out to her friend Louie. ...


  3. Episode 15- Brock Wilbur

    Today on the Season 1 finale of PoP I’m chatting with journalist, Standup, podcaster, writer of books, video games and films Brock Wilbur who is talking about his passion: INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM!!  Jax’s passion plug is Haymarket Books — a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher based in Chicago, a project of ...


  4. Episode 14- T. Kyle MacMahon

    Join host, Jax Barker, as she talks to content creator, editor & producer of the podcast Legends Only. His work includes American Idol, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Watch What Happens Live!, HBO, Saturday Night Live, YouTube Originals, Bravo, A&E Networks, and The X Factor. Please welcome T. Kyle ...


  5. Episode 13- Kevin T Porter

    Join host Jax Barker as she talks to a comedian, writer, podcast producer, and let’s just face it, A GOOD TIME, the host and producer of the Good Christian Fun podcast, the Maisel Goys podcast, the Gilmore Guys podcast, and Inside Voices —Kevin T Porter ...