Episode 7

July 07, 2021


Episode 7- Rose Abdoo

Episode 7- Rose Abdoo
Pop of Passion
Episode 7- Rose Abdoo

Jul 07 2021 | 00:46:11


Show Notes

Join host, Jax Barker, as she talks to TV and Film Actor Rose Abdoo about her passion: CREATING MINIATURES. 


Rose’s Passion Plug is Silver Muzzle Cottage you can learn how to get involved or support if you’re able here https://silvermuzzlecottage.com/


Jax’s Passion Plug is Princeton Mutual Aid and Mercer for Abolition. Please go to https://www.princetonmutualaid.com/ to get involved & donate if you’re able. 


Our theme music is Forestview by The Hustle 


Produced by Christine Ferrera at The Lincoln Lodge

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