Episode 12

August 25, 2021


Episode 12- Brittany Spanos

Episode 12- Brittany Spanos
Pop of Passion
Episode 12- Brittany Spanos

Show Notes

Join host Jax Barker as she talks to Senior writer at Rolling Stone and host of the podcast Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums-Brittany Spanos about her passion: STANDING OUT!

Jax’s Passion Plug goes out to Patron Jane Hynes who’s passion plug is the 2021 Metro Chicago Heart Walk Digital Experience.

This year, Jane Hynes is joining the American Heart Association’s Executives with Heart to lead the way creating a healthier Chicagoland. You can get involved or donate at the link below:


Brittany’s Passion Plug is Loveland Therapy Fund. Loveland provides financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy. You can learn how to get involved or donate here


Our theme music is Forestview by The Hustle

Produced by Christine Ferrera at The Lincoln Lodge 

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